Is guest posting effective in building an audience in 2019?

Guest posting gets a mixed reception after Matt Cutts came out publicly against it. However, high-quality guest posts at authority ...
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The Current State of Content Marketing: Statistics 2019

Your intuition is like a compressed lump of wisdom gained through your life experiences and learnings. Your feelings are highly ...
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How to easily write compelling long-form content that flatters Google?

“No one reads online, these days.” Yet, as I mentioned in my content marketing statistics article, bloggers that publish long-form content ...
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How to fail at long-form content creation: Top 4 stupid ways

It’s no longer a mystery. Long-form content works like crazy. It flatters influencers, ranks higher in search engines and gets ...
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Intelligent content marketing: How to critically think and avoid cognitive biases?

Each of the big four tech companies sports an insane amount of market cap. It’s because they have an incredible ...
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