I’m Chintan Zalani. I fell in love with the internet ever since I got my first writing gig in 2010.

Little did I know then that it presents an opportunity for everyone from small businesses to an average Joe to build an audience. It’s affordable, convenient, and incredibly fast.

The nuances of rocking the internet though are complicated. You can’t create shitty content and expect a huge pool of customers to flock to your website.

That’s the gap I am trying to fill.

I love helping businesses by crafting engaging and actionable content.

In the last few years, I’ve had the privilege to work with big shot media houses, influencers of the marketing world and other incredible companies. Owing to the success of my writing business, I was featured by Writers in Charge and Copywriting-On-Demand.

My writing chops are an amalgamation of the best practices from the worlds of journalism, copywriting, and tailored to suit the reading habits of consumers online.

You can look at the services I offer here. Then get in touch with me here to discuss how we can catapult your business results with content.

Other random facts about me:

  • I occasionally write articles on internet marketing at Elite Copywriter here.
  • If you’re into self-improvement, philosophy, and psychology, then check out my other website, ChintanZalani.com.

See you around!

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